Autumn in Maine

Yes, I’m back in Maine! And no trip to Maine is complete without a stop at Red’s Eats, home of the best lobster rolls in the world. This year, the line was 1.5-hour long but every second spent waiting was oh-so worth it.
Mouth-watering lobster rolls … only at Red’s Eats.
I usually travel with a small army of cameras and lenses. This fall, it’s just me and my little Fujifilm P&S camera. I love how compact and analog it is! All the physical control buttons ready to serve my various whimsical moods. The camera is so light that I sometimes forgot it’s on me. The photos in this blog post were all taken with this camera.
A charming book purchase from one of the small boutiques lining Water Street in Wiscasset.
Not only does Rock Paper Scissors stock fabulous stationery and the likes, the shop is beautifully designed. So aesthetically pleasing to the eyes!
Spotted something cute at Rock Paper Scissors. Like this quote.
And these notebooks.
Even the shopkeeper at Rock Paper Scissors was adorable!
Discovered a new bookshop … one that’s rumored to have a ghost of its own, no less.
First time ever I stayed at a *haunted* inn. When I booked it, I had no idea that it too has a ghost of its own. I slept with the lights on each night.

Santorini, a Visual Diary

A few summers ago, I had a chance to visit Greece for the first time with my friends. We only had a week and decided to spend it mostly on Santorini, with the last few days on Mykonos. As always, I brought my camera with me to document. I made this short film with my old Panasonic Lumix GH4 and my favorite back-up camera … the iPhone (probably the 4S at the time). I didn’t have a stabilizer for the GH4, so I added Warp Stabilizer in post in Premiere Pro. Otherwise, the footage would have been too shaky. At the time, the GH4 was one of the first 4K mirrorless cameras on the market. Once a happy owner of the GH2, I was blown away by the GH4. It’s such a good camera that I have yet to feel the need to upgrade it to the GH5 available now.

Varenna, a Nostalgic Moment

Feeling quite nostalgic whenever I look at this photo. It was taken during my first solo trip to Italy in 2004 with my first digital camera – a Canon Powershot point & shoot. The camera was a big purchase for me, costing about $500 at the time. And I used it for at least 4 years until I purchased my first DSLR, a Canon 20D. Before the Canon Powershot, photography was all film for me.

Varenna, Lago di Como – After: Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
Varenna – Before: straight out of my Canon Powershot point & shoot digital camera.

By the Eastern Shores

A few pictures I took during a long weekend by the sea for some much-needed down time. And of course, Max came too! I also filmed a vlog while at the beach, a very special one celebrating my YouTube channel’s 500 subscribers milestone. It’s been 2 fun-filled years since I started the channel. Looking forward to another year of adventures on YouTube! One of the best things about having a YouTube channel is the treasured friends I’ve made – from all over the world. Thank you all for your constant feedback and support.

Max enjoying the view from the hotel balcony in Ocean City, Maryland
We arrived right before sunset and this was the view across from our room.
Balcony view the next morning.
Max catching-up on his nap at the inn in Rehoboth Beach. His front left paw had a booboo. Poor baby.
Got up early to film a vlog by the sea this morning. 🙂
(Ocean City, Maryland)
Bethany Beach Books is a cute bookstore! Included it in the vlog too.
Maybe I’ll film this bookshop for the Book Lovers Series sometime soon.
Bethany Beach’s “downtown” area.
Yep! We are back at Browseabout Books! Our favorite Delaware bookstore!
Max made it to the Book Lovers Series’ Insta!
Browseabout Books needs to move that tree way to the side. 🙂
Full moon that night … by the sea.
Woke up early to catch the sunrise in Rehoboth Beach. I almost missed it though. Didn’t get up early enough.
A lovely Zen moment.
Trying to shoot a few thumbnail options for the vlog.
My set-up for the YouTube thumbnail shots. The G7X Mark II is a tiny work horse!
Hanging with the seagulls.
Self-portrait near The Coffee Mill.
Acai bowl at The Coffee Mill – healthy breakfast.

Cape Cod Visual Diary 2

The homes in Chatham are lovely! Imagine reading a book and sipping a cup of tea or coffee on this lovely verandah.
All houses on Cape Cod look similar to this … charming in all shades of grey.
This birdie must be an introvert. He seemed quite happy here by himself.
Had lunch at the Chatham Squire (popular with the locals, I was told.) I had a lobster bisque (so-so), while my friend had the New England Smoke Fish Plate (good).
How “Happy Days” is this?
The sun will set in about 20 minutes … the best light of the day!
We got to the Pier in time for sunset and to admire the seals. They came here every evening when the fishing boats pulled in after a day at sea. It’s a big feast for the seals.
Dear Mr. Seal … you reminded me of Max!
Not sure why I love this so much. I spent quite some time here taking photos of this fish market. People must have thought I was strange.
Almost every evening, we stopped by this local grocery store to pick up food or snacks or toiletries. It’s a ritual I came to love.
Max seemed to like the rental cottage. He’s quite at home here. Guess that’s a good sign!
While in Chatham, we watched The Finest Hours, a movie based on a true Coast Guard rescue story that happened here in Chatham. The movie was also shot here in town … possibly right here at the Chatham Lighthouse. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend it … totally!
Another great bookshop in Chatham, Where The Sidewalk Ends.