November Visual Diaries p.1

By the time I have a chance to post these photos, half of November has come and gone. I can’t believe how fast time flies.
A lotus pond near home.
Upside down world.
I love fall … my favorite season.
My 2 little nephews came over last weekend for a sleepover date. Since the Dog Man series is one of their favorites, this 100-piece puzzle entertained my 9-year-old nephew all morning. He was able to finish it in 23 minutes.
My nephews’ toys … the lion and the tiger … best buddies ever!

Memories of a Dog by Daido Moriyama

Daido Moriyama is a Japanese photographer. Memories of a Dog (2004) is a beautiful photography book with his photos and text accompanying them. I dream to be able to read one while drinking my chai tea latte one day. Notice I didn’t even say “to own one”? Just to be able to sit down with one for a few hours. Dreams live on.

Here’s an image of the book from Amazon. It currently costs $195+ for a used copy.

This 12-minute short documentary with the filmmaker following Daido Moriyama around town (somewhere in Japan) as he’s photographing is a film to savor and love. Especially if you’re an image & memory creator at heart.

A Few Photos From July

Home sweet home.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
Meadowlark Botanical Garden on a very hot summer evening.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
It seems these flowers attract butterflies ~ Meadowlark.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
There’s a bride & groom photoshoot going on in the garden that day … perhaps an engagement session? It was so hot though … not a single breeze in the air. ~ Meadowlark
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
Pretty sky bokeh. ~ Meadowlark
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
A Korean temple and garden in Meadowlark.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
Such beautiful details.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
A special blessing it seems … or cloud art. Either way, it was magical.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
Red & green.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
The Korean alphabet looks deceptively simple yet quite elegant. Wish I could read Korean.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
6-o’clock self-portrait.
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
That light!
Meadowlark Botanical Garden
Have a thing for clouds. Always. Forever.
Pretty Mama Dove has been under our deck for a few weeks now. She hardly moves. I wonder if Papa Dove comes at night to relieve her duties. At least then, she could go hunting for food. She must be so hungry.
By the water …
Pretty dragonfly with ember wings …
This summer our Hydrangeas bloom modestly … last summer none at all. A huge improvement. I’m grateful.
After a stormy afternoon, we had a double rainbow. The second one quite faint so I could only capture this brighter one. Life is beautiful.

My First Zine: The Quiet Side of Rehoboth Beach

One of the reasons why I’ve been on a break from YouTube is to create and publish my first zine. The subject of the zine is the quiet side of Rehoboth Beach, my favorite “local” beach town (just about a 3-hour car ride away from home). The zine is available now on Blurb and you can also preview a few pages before purchasing. I initially wanted to publish a smaller size zine, but after testing out a few different sizes, the larger 8.5″ x 11″ size showcases the photos so much better. I hope you’ll like it! Being a fan of zines for years, I’m so excited to share my first zine with you!