My Robin Family

For about two months now this Spring, a cute Robin family has settled on the tree outside my bedroom window. Mama Robin, Papa Robin and two baby Robins. One day, Mama Robin was found dead on our street. It was a very sad day for me. Papa Robin bravely took on the sole responsibility of raising his babies. A few days ago, the older baby Robin flew off. And today, the younger baby Robin flew off as well. The nest is now empty. I miss my Robin family already. Hope they’re all doing well … wherever they are.

I documented the Robin family a bit at the beginning of this vlog. 🙂

Daily Musings: Max

Max’s favorite afternoon nap spot … my bed.
Spent Mother’s Day with Max. We both drove to my parents’ house to drop off flowers & some take-outs for my Mom (and Dad) for Mother’s Day. This is how we spend Mother’s Day in COVID time.

It’s been a while since I last posted. Where has the time gone? Tomorrow will be Max’s birthday. He’s turning 14. I can’t believe it. My friend adopted Max when he was just 6. Everyone was telling her it’s not a good idea to adopt an older dog. But she fell in love with Max and so did I. He came with a handful of quirks that at first we tried to control. We even enlisted the help of a dog expert to show us how to change/correct Max’s behaviors. Soon enough, we learned to just “accept it and expect it.” Max is the sweetest pup to ever enter our lives. Can’t wait to celebrate his 14th birthday tomorrow.

April Is Here + “Wabi Sabi in Hanoi”

Being an introvert, I love these past few weeks of “staying home.” Just want to make sure I’m doing my part to “flatten the curve.”

Flowers in the hood are especially pretty this year. I feel lucky to be able to walk Max among all this beauty from nature.
The beginning of something beautiful.
Doing what he loves most next to eating.
My friend brought home a small basket of giant, organic strawberries that are so sweet, I can’t believe they were organic. Self-quarantine life is lovely when you have strawberries such as this.
With more time at home, I’ve finally been able to edit the footages from my Vietnam trip 3 years ago. Uploaded the first installment of these short documentary films today on YouTube.

Week 2 of Self-Quarantine

Cherry blossoms outside my bedroom window are in full bloom today. I try to soak it all in because if the rain comes, the flowers will be all gone.

Breakfast was Cookie Crisp cereal while reading FLOW magazine.

Simple lunch – ramen from a cup. My mom warned me not to have too much of these. But in times like this self-isolation period … it is hard to resist.

My favorite camera has a new strap ordered from Amazon a while back. I think it’s cute!

Getting the flat lay shoot ready for a YouTube video I’m filming, a book preview of The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox. I’m excited to try this set-up which I learned from watching Ronny Joseph Lvovski’s YouTube channel.

It’s so simple and economical, to be used with a small camera like my Canon G7X Mark II or an iPhone. Minimal. I love it!

Max wanted to nap but I kept on bugging him. 🙂

Went on a long 2-hour walk around town today for some exercise. Passed by someone’s yard that was full of weed. They’re pretty in number though. I had to stop for a few photos.

Ordered a box of 400 of these wipes the other day. I use them constantly to clean all the electronic screens and cameras and lenses, etc.

So much has changed in such a short time. I sometimes still can’t believe it. The US is now the country with the most number of COVID-19 cases, surpassing China. California is in full lockdown mode, as well as many other states. Every day we wake up to more shocking news. It feels like we’re all dreaming and waiting to wake up from a long endless nightmare.

Day By Day

Week 2 of self-quarantine. But it’s not bad at all because we can still go outside to the parks for fresh air. Pretty flowers are popping up everywhere … it’s one of the most beautiful Springs we’ve ever had. Yet each day we wake up with more shocking news about the Coronavirus. The news today is that the U.S. has the most number of COVID-19 cases worldwide. I have a friend who works at a hospital in DC. I fear for his health daily. The risk that our health professionals take to help others. They’re truly heroes.

My friend said … how unusual it is to see red pine cones. These days we take many walks around the neighborhood. Slow, deliberate walks. And I notice things I’ve not spotted before. Like these little red pine cones.

Max has Spring fever too. He loves to lounge on the grass and refuses to leave. I think it makes him happy. It’s always about the little things in life.

Saw my brother and my two little nephews for a brief time this afternoon. They came to play tennis. We got to hang out together – exercising social distancing of course – for about an hour or so. It was strange not being able to hug each other as we always do. But it was so good to see them.