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The Other Java

My parents just got back from a month long trip to Indonesia and Myanmar visiting temples and monasteries. Last night was their first night back. On the way home from the airport, we had dinner with my brother’s family. We parked in front of Pho 75 in Rosslyn intending to dine there, but they closed. So we walked across the street to try a new Vietnamese restaurant recently opened. An hour and a half later, we walked the 2-minute path back to our cars to find them … gone! Apparently, to recover your car from towing costs $160/car these days! Happy New Year!

PS – Feel better Roro! 

Vietnamese Vegetarian New Year Rice Cake (Bánh Chưng Chay)
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Books & Bookshops · Everyday Life


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Lagom (pronounced [²lɑːɡɔm]) is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”. The Lexin Swedish-English dictionary defines lagom as “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” Lagom is also widely translated as “in moderation,” “in balance,” “perfect-simple,” and “suitable” (in matter of amounts). Whereas words like sufficient and average suggest some degree of abstinence, scarcity, or failure, lagom carries the connotation of appropriateness, although not necessarily perfection. The archetypical Swedish proverb “Lagom är bäst,” literally “The right amount is best,” is also translated as “Enough is as good as a feast.” That same proverb is translated as “There is virtue in moderation.”