My Robin Family

For about two months now this Spring, a cute Robin family has settled on the tree outside my bedroom window. Mama Robin, Papa Robin and two baby Robins. One day, Mama Robin was found dead on our street. It was a very sad day for me. Papa Robin bravely took on the sole responsibility of raising his babies. A few days ago, the older baby Robin flew off. And today, the younger baby Robin flew off as well. The nest is now empty. I miss my Robin family already. Hope they’re all doing well … wherever they are.

I documented the Robin family a bit at the beginning of this vlog. 🙂

Daily Musings: Max

Max’s favorite afternoon nap spot … my bed.
Spent Mother’s Day with Max. We both drove to my parents’ house to drop off flowers & some take-outs for my Mom (and Dad) for Mother’s Day. This is how we spend Mother’s Day in COVID time.

It’s been a while since I last posted. Where has the time gone? Tomorrow will be Max’s birthday. He’s turning 14. I can’t believe it. My friend adopted Max when he was just 6. Everyone was telling her it’s not a good idea to adopt an older dog. But she fell in love with Max and so did I. He came with a handful of quirks that at first we tried to control. We even enlisted the help of a dog expert to show us how to change/correct Max’s behaviors. Soon enough, we learned to just “accept it and expect it.” Max is the sweetest pup to ever enter our lives. Can’t wait to celebrate his 14th birthday tomorrow.