Cape Cod Visual Diary 1

Our Cape Cod rental cottage looked bright and happy in the morning. Unlike the night before when we arrived in the dark. The atmosphere was quite eerie.
First breakfast on the Cape was at Chatham Filling Station, a popular diner with the locals.
The fluffy Popover was delicious and the sunny side up was made just the way I like it. Extra crispy!
I dropped by the Yellow Umbrella Bookstore to check out the lighting in the shop. I’ll be filming it in a few days for the Book Lovers Series. 🙂
We drove to Falmouth on the day the Nor’Easter was blowing through the East Coast.
The strong wind knocked down power lines and trees.
This shop (Ace Hardware) was among the lucky ones that still had electricity.
And of course, the whole world was there … shopping away.
Hanging with the seals was the best thing about being in Chatham.
They came in to shore when the fishing boats docked.
And the feeding frenzy began.
The fishermen fed the seals with the leftover catch-of-the-day.
All the humans watched on with awe and affection.
If you want to see them, you have to go to the Pier.
I didn’t see any seals on this beach. Just a sign.
Mornings are my favorite time at the cottage.
I love the way the sun rays made art all around the house.
We drove to the Outer Cape for lunch. As luck would have it, we ended up at a table with a lovely view.
My friend had the lobster/clam bake which she said was good. I had a lobster roll which was just ok. But the view made up for it!

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