The Bookstore for Filmmakers

I was in Lyon, France last fall for a few days. As usual, I Googled and Yelped for a list of local bookshops to visit. After a quick search, I discovered the coolest fact ever. I was actually in the city that was the birthplace of cinema! Lyon was home to the Lumiere Brothers (Auguste and Louis Lumiere) who invented the first Cinematographe (film camera) in the 1890s. Not only that, the Institut Lumiere (their former home now a museum on filmmaking) is just a skip and a hop (ok … not quite, a bus ride or two) from my hotel. The best discovery of all was that there’s a bookstore in Lyon that’s dedicated entirely to films and filmmaking!

If you’re into filmmaking, you’ll love this bookshop! I promise! Here’s Episode 4 of the Book Lovers Series, featuring Librairie du Premier Film, a bookstore for cinephile.

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