Foyles Books

If you’re ever walking through Charing Cross Road in London, there is one bookshop you must visit. And if you’re allocating just an hour there, I’d advise against it because you’d need at least two full hours. The Book Lovers Series is excited to feature in its Episode 6 … FOYLES Books the flagship store.

Time Travel in Annapolis

I spent my birthday strolling through Annapolis. It’s a beautiful, historic town with old brick houses and cobbled stone streets.

The festive lights on Maryland Avenue.
The best chicken pot pie is here. But it’s not guaranteed to always
be on the menu. Only if you’re lucky.
The Maryland Inn is rumored to be haunted by
“ghosts” from Maryland’s historic past.
Follow the light.
Max, too, loves strolling through Annapolis.
I stopped by Old Fox Books to film an episode for “The Book Lovers Series.”
Have you seen it yet?
This teal horse greets you the minute you walk
through the door of the bookstore.
The hot chocolate is way too sweet for me. Cute penguin though.
One of the many alleys in Annapolis.
Reminds me of a wormhole in a spacetime continuum.

A Day in Kensington

Exploring Kensington, Maryland today.
Typical architecture of homes in Kensington.
Autumn still lingers into December.
Brunch at The Dish & Dram – modern hipster cafe.
Love indie bookshops. Everywhere I go, I look for them before anything else.
Love the vintage feel of the Kensington Row Bookshop.
Beautiful old books.
Rooms upon rooms of used and new books.
Kensington Row Books sells lots of gorgeous vintage book posters.
I was so tempted to buy one.
Nokes Library … so cute!