ALTERED, an Official Selection of Austin Indie Fest

Just when I thought ALTERED was done with its 2020 festival circuit, I received an email from Austin Indie Fest announcing that ALTERED has been chosen to be featured in their festival this month. Never ever give up everyone. This proves that all dreams are possible. All of us from the ALTERED team, we are so very happy with the way things turned out for this little short that happened in one night. COVID has put a temporary plug on our creative projects, but we hope to be back soon with something in 2021. Thank you Austin Film Fest! We are so very honored to be a part of your line-up this year. An unprecedented year.

ALTERED will screen online on November 20, 2020 at 6:00PM, along with these three amazing short films: FAUST, uTRANSFER, and MAILER DAEMON.

November Visual Diaries p.1

By the time I have a chance to post these photos, half of November has come and gone. I can’t believe how fast time flies.
A lotus pond near home.
Upside down world.
I love fall … my favorite season.
My 2 little nephews came over last weekend for a sleepover date. Since the Dog Man series is one of their favorites, this 100-piece puzzle entertained my 9-year-old nephew all morning. He was able to finish it in 23 minutes.
My nephews’ toys … the lion and the tiger … best buddies ever!

My New Favorite Camera

This beautiful vintage-looking baby came home with me in late September and has not left my side since. I fell in love with it and have stopped picking up any other cameras. Even my much loved XT-2.

Autumn in Maine

Yes, I’m back in Maine! And no trip to Maine is complete without a stop at Red’s Eats, home of the best lobster rolls in the world. This year, the line was 1.5-hour long but every second spent waiting was oh-so worth it.
Mouth-watering lobster rolls … only at Red’s Eats.
I usually travel with a small army of cameras and lenses. This fall, it’s just me and my little Fujifilm P&S camera. I love how compact and analog it is! All the physical control buttons ready to serve my various whimsical moods. The camera is so light that I sometimes forgot it’s on me. The photos in this blog post were all taken with this camera.
A charming book purchase from one of the small boutiques lining Water Street in Wiscasset.
Not only does Rock Paper Scissors stock fabulous stationery and the likes, the shop is beautifully designed. So aesthetically pleasing to the eyes!
Spotted something cute at Rock Paper Scissors. Like this quote.
And these notebooks.
Even the shopkeeper at Rock Paper Scissors was adorable!
Discovered a new bookshop … one that’s rumored to have a ghost of its own, no less.
First time ever I stayed at a *haunted* inn. When I booked it, I had no idea that it too has a ghost of its own. I slept with the lights on each night.

Photowalk: Old Town Alexandria

Went for a photowalk around Old Town earlier this summer and yet I have not had a chance to post those photos. Until now. That day, I walked all the way down King Street to the Potomac River. There, the Wilson Bridge appeared handsomely in the distance. If you hop on a water taxi here, you can visit National Harbor and Maryland across the river. I’ve not done that yet … but it would be fun to one day. Maybe once COVID is over?